Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NIV

Life is short. Our days on earth have been counted by our Creator. Sometimes, we forget to wisely use the days we’re given. We neglect to respond when God tries to reach us and we forget to pray for wisdom from the One who knows what happens next. 

Wisdom is a gift God provides. It allows us to put our thoughts in order and understand we are accountable to Him. We shouldn’t wait to do what’s needed TODAY, when tomorrow has not been promised. The Author of Life has skillfully planned our days. He knows how we will be used for His glory. He longs for us to TRUST in Him and faithfully believe in His promise for our lives...

God loved us enough to send Jesus to the world; not to condemn but to bring HOPE for eternal life. Our salvation is something to treasure. We have been given a gift! If we pray for wisdom, God will help us examine our hearts, so we will honor Him with our love. He will provide clarity and remind us we are faithfully blessed. 

God is worthy of our love! We must respond when He works hard to reach us. If we humble our hearts for Him, He will fill us with PEACE and provide purpose in the time we have to draw nearer to Jesus. He is great and He is good! God WILL handle our days and ready us for what’s to come. He will help us welcome the gift of His Son and never forget why the best is yet to come!

Dear God, Thank you for opportunities to serve You with all of our hearts. Your are mighty, holy and worthy of our praise and love. Thank you for moments to breathe in what You faithfully provide. Help us fix our eyes on You, so we will embrace a heart of wisdom and understand why we must not waste time without YOU. Amen


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