But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 NLT

Sometimes, we struggle. We wonder how to cope with difficult moments in our lives. Weakness robs our wholeness and we become weary. We worry what will happen next and try to handle anxious thoughts on our own. But, God knows how to bring calm to our hearts. He knows our every need. And, even before we acknowledge fear in our prayers, HE is handling every single thing. 

When God lifts us with arms of strength, He provides glimpses of what’s to come. He opens our eyes to the love of His faithfulness and prepares us to welcome the presence of peace. He fills us with the power of love and reminds us where HOPE is found. He sets the stage to share our burdens and learn how it feels to TRUST.

God is ready for what will happen next. “If He leads us to it, He will lead us through it.” He will prepare us for the journey in our lives. And, even if circumstances change, He will remain the same. Our good, good Father will remove our fear. He will help us breathe in His wholeness. 

God will mend our brokenness and renew us with healing STRENGTH. Nothing will happen that He cannot handle. We must faithfully BELIEVE in His plan to save and be ready to welcome the joy of a grateful heart. We must believe without a doubt that He WILL remove our fear! If we find courage to surrender what is holding us back, God will fill us with peace and help us boldly persevere. He will show us how it feels to totally TRUST. And we will be forever changed...

Dear God, Thank you for the promise of Your presence in our lives. Forgive us when we forget YOU are handling all things. We will trust in YOU and find calm in the power of Your greatness. Cradle us in care and give us peace that passes all understanding, as we humble our hearts for You. Open our eyes so we will clearly see the love of Your faithfulness. We will not be afraid! Thank you for giving us courage to remember; STRENGTH will always come from the blessing of Your amazing love. Amen


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