I have not reached my goal, and I am not perfect. But Christ has taken hold of me. So I keep on running and struggling to take hold of the prize. Philippians 3: 12 CEV

Our mighty Creator is preparing us for His greatness. He is not finished working in our lives. No matter how old we become He guides us by His will, in His time and for His great purpose. He watches over us and provides for our needs. God has a plan for our days. 

Sometimes, we forget how perfectly God prepares us to work for Him. He navigates our lives and lays a trail for us to follow. He equips us to step ahead, even before we know where we’re going. And He nurtures the longing of our hearts, so we will find a passion for what He provides. 

Strength will come if we trust in the guiding of God’s will and allow Jesus to lead us. He will remind us why we won’t have to travel alone. He will lead us on a path of purpose and ready us to be blessed, when we put our HOPE in Him. 

We must seek Him with all of our hearts and believe in the power of His will. If we allow ourselves to be led, we will be headed in the right direction. God will help us stay on course so we will never forget who is planning the happenings of our days. 

We are in the process of discovering who God wants us to become. He will give us strength to keep on going. He will guide and provide ALL the days of our lives. And when things change in the course of our lives, God will not. He will remain constant, faithful and true. He will provide peace in His purpose and remind us how lucky we are to be carried in the arms of His faithful love. 

Dear God, Thank you for arming us with everything we need to step ahead and trust in You. Forgive us when doubt tries to steal our hearts of wholeness. We will love You all the days of our lives and patiently wait to be blessed. And, we will never forget; You really DO have a plan for our lives. Amen


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