You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by GOD. You’re blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. Psalm 119: 1&2 MSG

Sometimes we have trouble staying on course. We forget how it feels to step in confidence. We neglect to open our eyes and see where we’re going and need to be reminded when we’re headed in the wrong direction. 

It takes courage to step over obstacles that stand in our way. Often we become weak instead of stronger. We lose our ability to TRUST in God and make choices to travel alone. But, the Father gently guides us. He uses the love of our Savior to bring us back where we belong. He humbles our hearts for Him. 

When we step without the One who knows where we’re going, we often become confused. We try to navigate bumps in the road and become frustrated to step ahead. Fear robs our passion of purpose and we become prisoners of doubt. But God helps us find the way to perfect peace. He guides us where we learn how to persevere…

God will restore what’s been stolen in our lives. He will create a heart of trust. If we prayerfully BELIEVE and ask Him; He will open our eyes in truth. He will help us see glimpses of what’s ahead and faithfully return us where we belong. He will help us become aware when we are moving in the right direction. And He will give us hope to believe He knows what's best for our lives.

God will help us remember we don’t have to try and figure out everything on our own. If we truly put our faith in the One who has already planned each and every moment, the journey will be much easier to travel; even if there are big bumps in the road. 

Dear God, Thank you for humbling our hearts and opening our eyes in truth. Forgive us when we choose to travel alone and forget You have a plan for our days. Help us find peace from the Savior and learn how to put our HOPE in YOU. We will love You all of our days of our lives. And we will find strength in the love of Your faithfulness as we travel together with You. Amen


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