“Be imitators of God, and walk in love.” Ephesians 5:1-2

There are many scriptures written about love. Ephesians 5:12 speaks to the heart of those who understand what it means to walk in love and be imitators of the One who created us to love one another. 

God loved us enough to sacrifice His Son. He demonstrated love when Jesus left the comfort of heaven to become a man. Christ suffered tremendous pain. He didn’t deserve to hang on a cross, or die a horrible death. God sent Jesus to take the sins of the world and provide eternal life for those who believe in Him. 

Jesus provided lessons to show us how to love one another. He set an example of how we are to live our lives with a heart of compassion. He shared love with those who were not loved by others and changed the hearts of those who found strength through the power of God’s mercy and grace. 

Often, we are taught to take care of “number one”. We become absorbed in ourselves and forget to reflect the love of Christ. We involve ourselves in daily routines and miss the chance to share God’s love with those who need to be reminded they are valued by Him. 

God wants His love in our hearts. If we allow Him to lead us, He will create desire to find purpose as we with Him. He will allow us to see others as He sees them. And He will give us opportunities to show that we care.

How can we be imitators of God? We must first recognize He loves us, because God IS love. We have been given a heart to glorify Him and show His love to others. God’s love is meant to be shared! He will show us how to embrace it. We will honor Him if we simply choose to pass it on….

Dear God, Thank you for Your never ending love. Thank you for Jesus! Humble our hearts so we will remember why we must love one another. We will honor You with the joy of our praise and open our hearts to gratefully receive the gifts of Your greatness. Help us share the love of Christ with those who will be reminded why they are truly loved by You. Amen


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