“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

God uses circumstances to draw us close to Him. When we welcome His presence of peace, He helps us recognize who’s working in our days. He provides clarity when we faithfully focus and open our eyes in truth. And He helps us remember; time spent with Him is never wasted.

God humbles us as we pray. And when we feel the power of His greatness, He readies us for praise. He demonstrates His power of love and covers us with grace. He answers prayer in the timing of His will and allows us to see what needs to be noticed. 

God handles our lives. He has a perfect plan. He places hope where it will be found and helps us remain faithful. He arms us with everything we need to feel His presence of peace, so we will be blessed by His holiness. 

We mustn’t forget to ASK GOD, when we need to have guidance for our days. He knows the desires of our hearts and understands the worry of our wonder. If we begin our prayers in praise and faithfully BELIEVE God will take care of us, He will show us amazing things and help us remember to trust. 

There will never be a day we will be without the power of His love. God wants us to make time for Him TODAY... He will help us recognize our prayers have been heard. He will show us who is working in our lives. We must humble our hearts, surrender to Him, find strength in the power of His WORD and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY… 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to be led by Your greatness. Thank you for answering our prayers. Help us find strength in YOU, so we will welcome HOPE that comes from Your greatness. Humble our hearts as we offer our prayers of praise and give You the time You deserve. We will faithfully remember who knows what’s best for our lives. And we will find peace when we gratefully pray . Amen


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