Give a lot of time and effort to prayer. Always be watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2 NIRV

God finds the way to reach us. He orchestrates the rhythm of our days and teaches to be grateful. He helps us feel His presence of peace and fills us with thanksgiving when we recognize the offering of His love.

Sometimes, we forget to pray to the One who guides us through the moments of our days and fills us with the power of His strength. We forget we are loved and need to be reminded to prayerfully welcome Jesus.

Christ prepares us for the happenings of our days. He teaches how to trust. And when the timing is right, He places thankfulness in our hearts. He creates a melody of hope and readies us to make a joyful noise. He gives us reason to respond to His greatness and gratefully glorify God.

When He has fine-tuned our lives, God will blend our thankfulness with the gift of His grace. He will allow us to witness the offering of mercy and love. If we prayerfully praise Him for ALL things, He will reward our faithfulness and bless the prayers of our praise.

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence in our lives. Forgive us when we allow distractions to quiet the rumblings of our praise. YOU are deserving of ALL of our love. We will trust in You and find reason to make a joyful noise. And we will prayerfully welcome another day of purpose to recognize how lucky we are to be loved by YOU. Amen


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