Listen to this wise advice; follow it closely, for it will do you good, and you can pass it on to others: Trust in the Lord. Proverbs 22: 17-19 TLB

God prepares us to receive His will for our lives. He helps us recognize His guiding. He tugs at our hearts and reveals what will happen next. He helps us see what needs to be discovered and allows us to understand when He has spoken. 

We won’t be able to hear His whispers unless we’re quiet, still and available to receive what God provides. He speaks, but often we’re too busy to hear. He speaks through the Bible, through others and through our circumstances. He speaks through the Holy Spirit and allows us to witness the presence of His peace. 

God shows His will in quiet moments, when life cannot interrupt our calm. In time of reflection, we begin to recognize what He’s trying to say… We must TRUST in Him as we prepare ourselves to be blessed and discover what He's planned for our days.

God is worthy of our time! He is deserving of so much more than mere morsels of love. We must slow down and listen! He will open our eyes in truth and help us witness the power of His amazing grace. He will show us why good will come, if we begin our prayers in praise and open our hearts to the love of His faithfulness. 

“Learning to listen for God’s quiet but clear answers is important…How we need to cultivate a listening heart.”

Dear Heavenly Father, Help us seek you with a listening heart. Allow us to hear what is spoken, when our souls has been silenced by your love. Fill us with the presence of peace and help us recognize Your voice of truth. We will love You all the days of our lives and never stop trusting in You. Amen


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