Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, "Don't be afraid; just believe." Mark 5:36 NIV

BELIEVE in God’s power to grow us! He knows what to do with our days. And when we learn to humble the heart of our want, He helps us. He provides gifts of the Spirit and totally changes our lives. He gives HOPE for the weary and reminds us we have been created to do great things. 

It takes time for God to work in us. There is a lot to learn! But when we surrender to His will, He opens the eyes of our hearts. He helps us clearly see what waits to be discovered. And when we are afraid, He gives reason for us to totally TRUST.

God guides us in His WORD. He answers our questions of doubt. He brings peace in the presence of Jesus and nurtures us with the kindness of His love. As we welcome the strength of His holiness, He transforms us. 

When we question what will happen next, we must simply ASK GOD! He knows what will happen in our lives. If we prayerfully seek Him, love Him with all of our hearts and patiently BELIEVE, He WILL take care of us.

Dear God, Thank you for creating us to do Your will. We’re grateful for the guiding of our days. We will trust in You, as we’re prepared for Your greatness and faithfully BELIEVE in Your plans to provide. Amen


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