“Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in You.” Psalm 84:12 NIV

God takes care of everything we need. He demonstrates the love of His faithfulness. He guides and provides for all of our days and helps us remember to gratefully TRUST. 

There will be days when worry will try and steal our joy. We will forget how much we are loved. Strength will be altered by the worry of our wonder and we will forget who handles our lives. But God will help us overcome and remind us why He is so much bigger than fear. 

The Maker of every living thing knows how to take care of each one of us. He has the power to arm us with everything we need, as we learn to surrender. He pours peace in our hearts and fills us with strength. And He finds the way to help us feel His presence in our lives. 

God gives us peace. He helps us remember who handles our days. He reminds us to focus on Him and believe in His power to save. He nurtures faith, so we will be led to a prayer of praise and find courage to let go of fear. 

Life will bring challenge and change. But, God will remain faithful, if we focus on Him and TRUST in the promise of His love. Fear will not consume a heart is ready to embrace gratitude and praise. Blessed is the one who trusts in God. He will never fail us. 

Dear God, Thank you for love that covers us with EVERYTHING we need. Teach us to TRUST in You, so we will find PEACE in the promise of Your presence. When fear tries to rob our joy, help us remember YOU are bigger than the worry in our lives. We will trust You all of our days and recognize the blessings You provide. Thank you for helping us remain faithful. We will focus on the good and never forget who is working in our lives. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


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