When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94: 19 NIV 

God has a plan for our days. He never promised we would be without trouble in our lives. He uses circumstances to grow us. And when the timing is right, He opens our eyes, so we will see the Savior and be led to the presence of His love. 

Jesus knew the pain of His fate, yet He accepted what was to come. Sometimes we need to be reminded; He knows how we feel, when we struggle with worry in our lives. He wants us to remember; there is NO FEAR in the power of LOVE. 

God loves us! And when we’re faced with challenge and change, we need to remember to ASK Him for direction. He answers our prayers and gives guidance when we humble our hearts for surrender. He carries our burdens and gives strength to release them. And He knows how to handle our pain. 

Luke 15:10 says there is JOY in heaven when we surrender… By nature, we are rebellious toward God. But, His love and grace help us overcome. We love Him, because He first loved us. 

God rejoices when we receive Jesus with humbled hearts of love. We mustn’t allow fear to diminish our joy! His mercy is great and His love is eternal. He will remove our anxious thoughts and grow us in the gifts of His grace. He will delight in the prayers of our praise! 

God will help us be patient in the timing of His will, if we allow Him to handle our days. He will take away doubt and restore what’s been missing. If we trust in His power to save, He WILL provide clarity for our lives. 

We must honor the One who created us to experience the JOY of Jesus! He will help us find perfect peace. He will take away fear and remind us who is handling our days! If we fill our hearts with faithful TRUST, doubt will not be allowed to remain. And fear will never have the chance to consume us. 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to remember what Jesus did for us. We’re so grateful to be held by His holiness. When worries come, humble our hearts and open our eyes in truth. Help us remove what steals our JOY so we will make room for Your perfect peace. We will honor You with our love and fix our eyes on Jesus. And we will remain faithful to remember; there will never be a day without the power of Your mighty love. Amen


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