Always keep on praying…1 Thessalonians 5: 17 TLB

If we truly believe He is with us, every moment of closeness with Him will guide us to a beautiful prayer of PRAISE. 
There are no limitations of when we’re allowed to pray. God hears our prayers and knows our requests before we open our mouths. He responds to the prayers of His children. He lovingly waits to humble us, so we will receive what He provides. And as we ready ourselves to come before His presence, we learn how to partner and PRAY…

Prayer is our expression of fellowship with God. It opens our eyes in truth. And when we humbly seek the One who knows how to handle our days, we begin to feel cradled in His care. He holds us where PEACE is found in the presence of holiness and reminds us why we must NOT WORRY. He helps us learn to faithfully TRUST. 

God has the power to do amazing things! We mustn’t forget He already knows what will happen next. He provides STRENGTH when we ask Him to manage our lives. And He gives COURAGE to recognize why we need Him. He reminds us to stop trying to figure out everything on our own and BELIEVE He will handle ALL things. 

God WILL answer our prayers! He WILL respond with guidance, assurance, strength, and hope for what’s to come. He will fill us with the presence of PEACE and allow us to feel His presence. How will you prepare your heart to receive what God wants to provide? Just PRAY! Ask Him for HELP. He will listen! And He will ALWAYS respond in the timing of His will. 

Dear God, Thank you for waking us to all You provide. Fill us with PEACE and help us find STRENGTH in You. Forgive us when we worry and forget who’s in charge of ALL things. Watch over us and fill us with the power of Your greatness. We will put our TRUST in You and find hope in the gift of Your amazing grace. And we will remember why we must humble our hearts and take time to pray, pray, PRAY Amen


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