Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12: 12

Depression hides in the spaces of our lives where joy will never be found. It nurtures worry and shame. It steals peace that is meant to bring us calm and smothers us with sadness and pain. It is the uninvited beast who robs us of everything good; a plague that touches too many people! But God knows how to help us overcome.

Proverbs 12: 25 says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.” MKJV God calls us to love one another and support those who need to see Christ in us. He knows how to break the chains that bind! He helps us feel the power of strength as we love others through their fear.

"Fear is a liar!" It is the extreme opposite of faith. "Faith is what allows us to step on the soil of our destiny.” Oh, how we need to be encouraged by those words. We must be strong and courageous. God has a plan and He IS with us wherever we go. Read Joshua 1:9 He will give us strength to endure ALL things. Philippians 4:13

God WILL allow us to see how He’s working in our lives. He WILL take away fear and remove the twisted lies. He WILL allow us to see ourselves as He sees us; capable and able to do great things. He WILL prepare us to step in confidence, if we let Him handle how we feel inside. He WILL bless us with never-ending love. We must faithfully BELIEVE He WILL renew us. He will guide us to a place of peace, when we have been strengthened with thoughts of good and learned to totally TRUST.

God will take away feelings of failure and provide HOPE for what’s to come. He will deliver us to a place of calm. We must ask Him to squelch anxious thoughts and prayerfully seek Him. He will destroy the beast that is trying to rule us. God is powerful! He will strengthen our love for Him and fill us FULL of everything we need to remember how much we are loved. We must remain faithful and ALWAYS TRUST.

Dear God, Thank you for the love of Your faithfulness. Forgive us when we allow anxiety to fuel our fear. Help us surrender what holds us back, when we’re burdened by feelings of sadness. Show us how to examine our hearts, so we will experience the depth of Your love. Help us battle depression in our lives and remember we have been created to experience abundant JOY! Help us feel the STRENGTH of Your love. Remove what is stealing our calm and lead us where we will recognize the gifts of Your greatness. We will patiently wait to be led by You and find PEACE as you work to make us whole. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for Your mercy and grace. Amen


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