But indeed as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord. Numbers 14:21 NIV

Sometimes, we're afraid to admit we don't feel full. We struggle to keep on going and try our best to carry on. But there is reason God wants us to understand the feeling of emptiness. The Creator of every living thing loves us. He wants us to experience the power of His love and know how it feels to need Him.

God wants us to welcome His presence and gratefully welcome His gifts. He arms us with everything we need to handle our days. And when we prayerfully seek Him, He humbles our hearts to welcome His love, so we will appreciate the gifts of His greatness.

If we find courage to surrender what's holding us back, God will allow us to recognize how much we are blessed. He will pour layers of love in the empty spaces of our hearts, so we will better understand the fullness of Christ.

We must be willing to understand why good WILL come from emptiness, so we can make room for God to fill us full. He will provide everything we need. We will never know the fullness of Christ until we know the emptiness of everything else."

Dear God, Thank you for showing us the power of Your amazing love. Forgive us when we neglect to remember why we need to be filled by so much more than what the world can offer. Please fill us full of Your peace, strength, love, joy and hope. We will NEVER feel empty, if we fill ourselves full of YOU. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen

Friends, I'm back!
So glad to be here with you. Have a great day ahead. God bless you.❤


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