“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears.” Psalm 34: 4

When FAITH becomes bigger than fear, God allows us to recognize our strength. He arms us with everything we need to let go of worries and experience His power of love. God knows what we need. In the timing of His will, He readies us to receive what He provides. He helps learn to TRUST in Him and BELIEVE He will handle our days.

Doubt will try and hold us back from discovering perfect PEACE. It will diminish our courage and rob us from finding calm. But if we surrender the burden of fear, God will show how to welcome His JOY. He will console us and place HOPE in the holes of our hearts.

If we focus on the LOVE of His faithfulness instead of worrying about what’s to come, God will help us remember who works for the good. He will change our lives and provide everything we need to be restored. He will strengthen our weakness and help us overcome. We mustn’t let our hearts be troubled! God WILL guide and provide for our days.

When doubt is removed from the One who loves us, we will see the blessings He provides. God will remind us there IS hope for the future. He will show how to welcome JOY and keep it forever. Once we've learned how it feels to find passion and purpose, we will be able to recognize the guiding of His love.

PEACE will set the stage for abundant JOY to dwell. We don’t have to be consumed by doubt! We must seek Him with all of our hearts and surrender the worry of our wonder. God will help us. We must prayerfully ask for peace that passes all understanding. He will fill us full of everything we need to focus on thoughts of good.

God will help us recognize the blessings He provides. He will remove what robs us from feeling His love. He will provide what's been missing and show how it feels to be FULL. Fear will not be allowed to rule in our lives. God will nurture us with the power of His love and we will understand why it's important to learn how to be grateful.

Dear God, thank you for leading us. Thoughts become clearer when we TRUST in You and focus on Your guiding. Forgive us when we become fearful in doubt. Fill us with STRENGTH and give us courage to release the worries of our wonder. We will remain faithful and welcome the JOY You place in our hearts. Thank you for PEACE that comes from You. We will love You all of our days and embrace the many blessings You provide. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the power of Your love. It is exactly what we need! Amen


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