Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11: 1

God provides everything we need. He helps us remember who’s in charge of our days. He provides PEACE in His presence and readies us to receive His gifts of good. He nurtures our hearts for TRUST and covers the wounds of our weakness. He nurtures FAITH to grow.

Sometimes we forget to TRUST the One who already knows where we’re going. We become blinded by distractions in our lives. But God knows how to lead us back where we belong. He humbles us with mercy and opens our hearts to recognize STRENGTH welcomes wholeness.

As we surrender worry and fear, God strengthens us with the love of Jesus. He helps us find courage while we’re cradled in His care. He reminds us to be FAITHFUL as we focus on His love. And He helps us walk in His truth.

Even in times of uncertainty, we will experience the power of His strength if we remain faithful. We mustn’t worry about what’s to come! God will ALWAYS provide what we need! He will lead us to a place of calm and arm us with everything we need to remember who is working for the good.

We must trust in the Lord and open our hearts to receive. If we remain in His presence, HOPE will not leave us. God will use the circumstances in our lives to make us stronger. He will show what happens when we’re faithful. Our loving Father will guide and provide EVERY single day. He will help us remain FAITHFUL.

Dear God, thank you for moments to feel the mighty power of Your presence. You know how to bring us PEACE. Humble our hearts, so we will experience how it feels to be led to a place of wholeness. We are thankful for love that arms us with everything we need. Thank you for ALL You provide. Help us faithfully remember to TRUST in You, even when we cannot see what waits to be discovered. Amen


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