To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3

God is in charge of the weather and we are in charge of accepting what He creates. Often, He provides blue sky days of sunshine good. But sometimes cloudy days consume us. They set the stage for doubt to dwell and block our view of the SON. They make us feel weary when the rain falls down and we forget better days will come.

God offers the gift of His love and allows it to be used for His glory. He handles our days and helps us recognize what will be seen when we open our eyes. He gives us reason for the seasons and prepares us for what He provides.

God guides in His time and for His glory. He uses what we live to make us stronger. He lets the sun shine with greater reward, when we're faithful to remember it will return. He helps us find strength, even on the darkest days of doubt.

We must patiently wait for gloomy clouds to disappear and remember God has a plan for EACH of us. In the timing of His will, He will draw us closer than before. We will wake to peace, when we have a better understanding of why He is worthy of our praise in ALL things.

Dear God, Thank you for helping us remember there's a reason for the seasons of our lives. YOU prepare us for what’s to come and ready us to TRUST in You. We will love You with all of our hearts and learn to be patient while YOU prepare us for what's to come. Thank you for EACH and EVERY day. Rain or shine, we will remember how very much we are loved by YOU


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