Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30: 21 NIV

As we journey ahead in life, often we need to be reminded we don’t have to travel alone. God paves a path to follow and guides us every step of the way. He opens our eyes for clarity and shows which way to go. And as we remain faithful, He teaches valuable lessons along the way. 

Traveling together is important to God. His timing is not our own. As He readies us for what will be discovered, He prepares us for obstacles along the way. He helps us handle bumps in the road and provides STRENGTH to step ahead. 

Sometimes, we’re afraid to leave the driver’s seat and give God control. We spend too much time spinning our wheels, worrying where the road will lead us. We worry what will happen next and carry too much doubt. And we forget God has a purpose for the future; a plan to fully provide.

God DOES have a plan for our days. He WILL prepare us for the ride. He will teach important lessons along the way and help us find courage to arrive. With God in control, we won’t have to worry about what’s to come. We must surrender our fear and trust He knows what’s best for our lives, as we keep on going…

God will show us amazing things! We must keep our eyes focused on Him. The road will at times be difficult and hard to travel. But He will place HOPE in our hearts if we learn to totally TRUST. If we stop trying to move ahead on our own, God will help us recognize why the journey will be easier if we let go and let Him guide EVERY day of our lives. 

Dear God, thank you for showing us how to let go and be faithfully led. When doubt tries to rob the HOPE in our lives, help us release our worries and learn how to travel with YOU. We will find strength in the timing of Your will and remain on the path You have chosen. Thank you for navigating our lives and giving us reason to keep on going…You are mighty, awesome and worthy of ALL of our love! Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


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