God always gives you all the grace you need. So you will only have to suffer for a little while. Then God himself will build you up again. He will make you strong and steady. And he has chosen you to share in his eternal glory because you belong to Christ. 1 Peter 5: 10 NIRV

Grace is described as “God’s riches at Christ’s expense.” What a beautiful way to describe mercy that was given, when God sent Jesus to the cross to take our sin and secure eternal salvation.

Sometimes, we forget none of us are deserving of God’s blessings. We sin and fall short of honoring Him with our lives. But when we're weak and in need of strength, He reminds us to come as we are and witness the presence of Christ. He helps us find HOPE to overcome. He allows us to recognize we ARE worthy of love and opens our hearts for His greatness.

God loves His children! The One who created us for His great purpose has perfect plans for our days. He grows us in opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus and embrace a heart that trusts. His grace gives us desire to do His will and receive the gifts He provides. And when we find courage to surrender doubt, He saves us with the power of His love.

God’s grace is amazing! His love for us is eternal and true. We will be blessed by what He provides. He will restore us and strengthen our faith. He will allow us to understand how it feels to experience favor from Him. He will help us clearly see what waits to be discovered and HE will remind us how good it feels to be faithfully loved.

Dear God, Thank you for the power of Your greatness! We are nothing without the love of Your mercy and grace. Forgive us when we don’t honor You with ALL of our praise. We will glorify You with what we say and what we do. And we will open our hearts to Your will. We will love You all of our days and gratefully appreciate the blessings You faithfully provide. Amen


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