I have told you this so that you will have the same joy that I have. I also want your joy to be complete. John 15: 11 NIRV

Often, it’s hard to face our fears and release the beast of burdens. We have trouble welcoming JOY. But Christ knows the heart of our need. And when we find strength to surrender, He helps us find perfect peace.

Jesus wants us to experience the love of His greatness and leave our troubles behind. He helps us welcome wholeness and a grateful frame of mind. He arms us with everything we need to find strength from the Father and feel His presence in our lives.

There will be moments of good and gladness. But God wants us to experience more than temporary JOY. He longs to offer what the world will cannot provide; JOY in ALL circumstances. He guides and provides for our days and wants us to recognize how it feels to be GRATEFUL.

LOVE will cover us with everything we need. If we choose to trust in the power of His will and understand God is faithful; HOPE WILL NURTURE JOY. If we embrace a thankful heart and allow ourselves to receive, doubt will never survive where God’s places His love.

How can we welcome JOY EVERY single day? We must find reason to be grateful and respond to God’s tugging of our hearts. We must honor Him with ALL of our love in ALL circumstance and always be ready to faithfully welcome the peace of His precious presence.

Dear God, Thank you for the power of Your love. You see inside our hearts and know what needs to be surrendered. Help us release what robs us of Your JOY. We will trust You in ALL circumstances and humble our hearts for Your greatness. Thank you for ALL You provide. We will welcome JOY and allow it to flourish EVERY day of our lives. And we will never forget where to find perfect peace. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for knowing what we need. We are GRATEFUL! Amen


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