Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in You.” Psalm 84:12 NIV

GOD wants us to experience His presence in our lives. He waits for us to discover how it feels to step in faith and learn how it feels to TRUST. He knows what we experience in the ups and downs of life and He knows how to guide us toward perfect peace.

GOD handles the worry of our wonder. He helps us see how it feels to be held. He prepares us for blessings to come. In the midst of trials and tribulation, He provides strength to endure. While we are cradled in care, He allows us to recognize how much we are loved.

GOD nurtures a relationship with the One who bled for our sins. Jesus knows about wounds and healing. He sees inside the heart of need and bandages sores of the soul. As we begin to witness what comes from surrender, we make room to welcome JOY.

Life will bring challenge and change. But God will provide the way for us to handle the happenings of our days. We must seek Him with all of our hearts and let go of worry and doubt. He will make His presence known and give us courage to keep on going…He will reveal our blessings, if we take time to notice. We must open our eyes to ALL He provides and simply remember; reward will always come from the gift of a grateful heart.

Dear God, thank you for love that covers us completely. Help us learn to TRUST in You, so we will surrender our burdens and find blessings in the presence of Your PEACE. We will love You with all of our hearts and find STRENGTH while we’re cradled in care. Thank you for the blessings You provide each and every day! We are so grateful for the power of Your mighty love. Thank you, Lord, thank you! Amen


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