Now we can come fearlessly right into God’s presence, assured of His glad welcome when we come with Christ and trust in Him. Ephesians 3:12 TLB

God is blessed when we open our hearts to His presence. He longs to dwell where His peace prevails. He opens our eyes to focus on Him and hears our prayers for guidance. As we humbly express what’s held in our hearts, He reminds us who has a plan.

God grows us! He provides instructions for our days. He helps us find wisdom and arms us with everything we need to experience His power of love. He nurtures our faith and reminds us PEACE will come as we surrender and allow ourselves to be held.

God knows what’s best for our days. We must never underestimate His ability to grow us! He knows how to bless our lives, as we seek His will. He will help us experience what happens when we faithfully TRUST. We must NEVER be afraid to say, “God, I need You." He will be honored when we call on Him with humbled hearts of trust.

God will answer our prayers in accordance with His will. FAITH will keep us going and remind us who’s in charge of ALL things. If we stop trying to figure out everything on our own, we will see what God wants us to discover. His mercies are new each and every morning. Let us begin this day in PRAISE and see what happens when we choose to gratefully TRUST.

Dear God, thank you for moments to be led by Your greatness. You allow us to see glimpses of what’s to come and remind us who’s working for the good. Thank you for helping us recognize the power of Your plan as we seek Your will for our lives. We will open our hearts and patiently wait to be grown by Your greatness. Thank you for PEACE that comes from a grateful heart. Thank you for the power of Your mighty love! Amen


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