"Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14 NLT

God connects us with the gift He lovingly gave the world. He renews us with HOPE. In gentle moments to be guided by mercy and grace, He fills us with PEACE when we make room for Jesus. He helps us discover how it feels to be held in the presence of His love.

Oh how we need to remember, Jesus cradles us in calm and delivers peace EVERY day of our lives. He shows how it feels to be held by His holiness. In difficult days of doubt, He helps us remain faithful. He opens our hearts and allows us to recognize what needs to be seen. And He helps us surrender the burden of fear.

The world will continue to rob our strength, but Jesus will help us overcome! He overcame the cross and returned from death to show God through Him. The tiny baby born to die came to live again. As we take time to reflect on this season of newness, God will renew our hearts. He will remind us why WE NEED THE LOVE OF JESUS!

Jesus will shine His light and cover the darkness with love. When we need to be reminded, He will help us recognize HE IS HERE. He will lead us to the Father and prepare us to accept what is ours if we choose to receive.

Glory to God in the highest! We must make room for Jesus and embrace the light of His everlasting love. We will find peace in His strength. God will be pleased if we open the present of His presence and allow Christ to remain where He belongs. Let us prayerfully seek, surrender, believe and receive. May we each find joy in the blessing of a grateful heart.

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence in our lives. Forgive us when we need to be reminded to make room for Jesus. Humble our hearts to remember Your will was fulfilled through the Savior. Guide us through every moment of our days and help us find perfect PEACE. We will continue to TRUST in You. Thank you for STRENGTH which comes from the power of Your mighty love. Amen


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