God will heal your broken heart and bind your wounds. Psalm 147:2-5

Christmas brings excitement and joy as we celebrate with families and welcome loved one’s home. But it can be hard for those who experience sadness and loss. Losing a loved one is difficult, especially at Christmas. But God knows the sorrow of our pain. He sees inside the holes of our wholeness and knows how to bandage the sores of the soul. 

He knows the pain of loss. God readies us to find comfort in the arms of strength. He replaces sorrow with PEACE and gives COURAGE to remember we are not alone. He blesses us with HOPE to COPE and arms us with everything we need to welcome the healing of His LOVE. 

We will never fully understand what waits for those who have earned their heavenly reward. But we can be assured God cradles them in care and comforts us with memories to treasure. He helps us remember who takes care of His children and reminds us they are covered by the promise of His love. 

If we trust in God and humble our hearts for Jesus, the One who was born to save will shine His light to warms us. He will fill us with PEACE to prevail. When we miss those, who are no longer with us at Christmas, He will help us remember; because of His birth they are already home.  

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus! Thank you for moments to be filled by the power of Your love. Arm us with STRENGTH as we remember our loved ones. Thank you for time that we’ve shared and the blessing of their lives. Bandage our wounds and help us embrace the love of Your faithfulness. Breathe life into our souls and fill us with Christmas PEACE as we prepare to celebrate the glory of Your Son. Help us remember how it feels to be grateful. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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