He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11: 28 NKJV

God prepares us to receive Him and recognize His guiding. He tugs at our souls and allows us to feel the love of His presence. He helps us understand when He has spoken and creates moments for us to listen and hear.

Often, we miss opportunities to witness God's greatness. We become rushed when we pray and forget it's important to be still. We forget reward comes from faithfulness and neglect to welcome the loving peace of Christ.

Jesus brought peace to the world. He knows what we  endure. He brought light to the darkness and HOPE for eternal life. He was sent to lead us to the Father and help us see how it feels to be known as His. He was delivered to draw us closer to the heart of His love.

We must be ready when God guides our thoughts. He will speak through the Bible, through others and through our circumstances. He will speak through the Holy Spirit and make sure we understand. He will ready our hearts to welcome Jesus, as we release the worry of doubt. 

“Learning to listen for God’s quiet but clear answers is important. We need to cultivate a listening heart.” God will reveal His will when He's ready and we will be blessed when His presence brings us calm. How will you choose to welcome the power of His strength? How will you honor Him and prepare your heart to receive? God is HERE and HE loves us! He will bring peace as we welcome Him with a humble heart and offer Him ALL of our love.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for helping us recognize how to seek You and truly listen. Surround us with Your presence so we will hear Your voice and find peace in the power of Your greatness. Humble our hearts for Jesus and help us welcome Your greatest gift EVERY day of our lives. Thank you, Lord.Thank you. Amen


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