The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace. Psalm 63:6-7

Sometimes weary thoughts consume us and distractions rob our joy. We forget to seek the Savior and welcome the presence of PEACE. We need to be reminded to pray for Christmas calm and experience how it feels to be held by His holiness.

God comforts us. He provides the way to feel STRENGTH and love. He knows when we need to experience His presence. He guides our thoughts and prepares us to recognize WHY we need Him. He helps us learn to faithfully TRUST.

We mustn't allow ourselves to focus on things that make us forget about Jesus! Christmas is so much MORE than exhausting! We must examine our hearts and make room for PEACE. If we sit with the Lord, we will understand what God has fulfilled for us.

God will help us recognize the need for PEACE and remove weary thoughts. He will cover us with mercy and grace. We WILL surely find ourselves in the midst of hectic routines. But God will quiet our souls. He will provide everything we need to feel PEACE in His presence. He WILL show us how to welcome Christmas calm.

Dear God, thank you for allowing us to discover Christmas PEACE. Forgive us when we forget to seek You. Help us experience the power of Your love and understand what it means to be still. Thank you for Jesus! We will humble our hearts for Him. Help us let go of the things that will never provide what we really need. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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