“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. John 14:1 NLT

God draws us close to the power of His plan, as we TRUST in the Savior. He gives strength to let go of our fear. He fills us with LOVE that changes everything, as we open our hearts for His. He helps us learn to receive His greatness, so we will understand where wholeness comes from.

God knows how to provide what we need. And when we’re troubled, He opens our hearts for Jesus. He gives strength for today and reminds us to totally TRUST in His plans for tomorrow. His mercies are new each and every morning. He brings calm in the prayers of our praise.

He is our foundation of HOPE! God will help us when we’re tested to the limit. He will provide PEACE in His presence and us persevere. He will remind us who’s in charge of ALL things. We must remain faithful and remember "worrying won’t change anything!” but “faith in Jesus will change everything!”

Dear God, thank you for moments to feel the presence of Your STRENGTH. Humble us, so we will receive Your love and welcome the calming of PEACE. When faith is tested, help us examine our lives and surrender the worry of fear. We will remain faithful and gratefully remember, STRENGTH will always come from the power of Your amazing love. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! We will continue to TRUST in You. Amen


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