For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Philippians 2:13 NLT

The nearness of spring welcomes changes. Rain falls and cleanses the soil. It provides hope for seeds to grow. It nurtures their ability to rise. From layers of darkness, God provides what’s needed. He showers the earth and saturates the hardened ground. He prepares blessings to flourish.

God loves us! He desires us to recognize His holiness and experience a relationship with Jesus. We too will try and rise from darkened spaces of doubt. We will make choices that lead to sin. But because of Jesus’ sacrifice we will find HOPE in the promise of forgiveness as we humble our hearts for His.

When we need to examine our lives, God knows how to bring us back where we belong. He speaks to our hearts when we seek Him. He guides us in His WORD (Bible) and love us through every season of our lives. He restores us! Rain will fall and we will have days that are difficult. But God will bless us while we wait for better days to come. He will allow us to see glimpses of good as we embrace a heart of trust.

Spring will be here soon! We must hold on tight and believe God will prepare us for what’s to come. He will teach us a lot while we wait. Something will grow in our patience. God has promised He will ALWAYS work for the good.

Dear God, thank you for waking us to another day. Forgive us when we live with darkened doubt. We will patiently wait to be nurtured by everything we need to grow in Your greatness. Thank you for the love of Your holiness. It speaks truth to the source of our sin. Soften our hearts and restore us! We are grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and will be patient in the timing of Your will. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for EVERY single season of our lives. They teach us to trust in YOU. Amen


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