Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 NIV 

God’s beautiful gifts WAIT to rise from the hardened layers of of winter. They long to be nourished by better days to come. As we wait for spring, God prepares us to grow. He pours STRENGTH in our hearts and readies us to bloom. As we cope with HOPE, He nurtures what He has planted.   

Often we become weary when we try our best to WAIT. But God needs time to grow us, before we're readied to rise. He prepares us for what will happen next and helps us learn to be faithful.

On gloomy days, we must remember the sun won’t hide forever! God will reveal His will and we will be reminded His timing is not our own. He will strengthen our weakness and help us welcome PEACE. He will remind us to COPE with HOPE and BELIEVE in His power to save.  

We must TRUST the One who provides for our days. Seeds of STRENGTH will grow, even if they're hidden in layers of longing. God will know how to raise them from darkness and lift them to His light. He will provide opportunities for us to bloom when He's ready.   

God will always give us what we need! He will provide what's been missing. We mustn't doubt His ability to guide. He will give us courage to keep on going...God is faithful. He has a plan! We must be patient and remember there is a reason for EVERY season of our lives.  

Dear God, thank you for moments to remember we are being grown by You. Forgive us when we become impatient while we wait. Strengthen our hearts when we’re weary and help us feel the presence of Your holiness. Thank you, Lord for helping us cope with HOPE. You know what’s best for our days. We will TRUST in the timing of Your will and be patient while You prepare us to leave the darkness behind. Amen


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