God is at work in us! He longs for us to recognize the power of His strength. The nearness of His presence helps us welcome Jesus and provides HOPE for those who trust in Him.

We have dreams to fulfill and goals we want to accomplish; tasks to complete and plans for our days. But God’s timing is not our own. And when life turns us inside out, we’re not always ready to leave the driver’s seat.

As we move ahead, often we travel alone. Sadly, we treat God as if He is was absent; unavailable and excused from the heart of our routines. But God IS present. He already knows where we will arrive!

The Maker of every living thing loves us! We were created for His great purpose. When life doesn’t happen as planned, it’s hard to understand what's in store. But in times of trouble, God wants to reveal the power of His holiness. He provides reasons to keep on going and opens our hearts for His.

When we have been pushed to the limit, God draws us closer than before. And as we find courage to release the control, He readies us to journey with Jesus. Surrender helps us remember who holds the compass of our lives. God shows us where to go. He is God; Creator, Provider, Restorer, Forgiver and Mighty Healer. And as we put our faith in Him, He allows us to witness He is so much more…

Our faith will see us through! Life will be so much easier if we allow God to guide us, even on paths unknown. There will be HUGE obstacles and bumps in the road. But He will always be HERE, lifting with arms of strength and reminding us to hold on tight!

We must allow ourselves to be guided! God will help us persevere. We must never doubt His ability to know where we’re going. He will guide us on this journey. When we're ready to travel again, God will remind us why HE is the One who must navigate our lives. He will see us through each and every journey, even when we don't know where to go.

Dear God, thank you for strengthening us to do Your will. You provide in Your time and for a great purpose. Help us remember who’s in charge of ALL things. As we surrender what we can't control, humble our hearts so we will stop trying to handle life on our own. Help us witness what comes from a heart of trust and lead us on this journey. Help us persevere in difficult days of doubt and remind us how to keep on going. Thank you for strength to remember why we will never travel alone. Thank you for knowing what we need. We will arm ourselves with the love of Your faithfulness and give You the prayers of our praise. Thank you for loving each one of us and showing the beauty of Your presence in our lives. We will not forget why we need You. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


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