But I am trusting you, O Lord. I said, “You alone are my God; my times are in your hands.” Psalm 31: 14 TLB

Sometimes we forget God knows our hearts. He knows our every need. He sees inside the weakest spaces and knows how to arm us with strength. He wakes us to remember His mercies are new each and every morning and reminds us to faithfully TRUST.

Sometimes we wake ready to welcome ALL He provides and eager to feel His presence. But sometimes we open our eyes in fear and forget we’re not alone. Overwhelming thoughts consume us and we struggle to find comfort and calm.

The Bible says, Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 NLT. God helps us surrender our stress and remember who’s in charge of every single thing.

The world is crying for healing. We admit we are weary and weak. Sadness grows bigger every day. But God is SO MUCH BIGGER than the worries we face. He is the weapon that will help us overcome! If we arm ourselves with HOPE and turn from our sinful ways, God will heal what is broken. He will bandage the wounds of our souls.

God will restore and lead us back where we belong when we recognize why WE NEED HIM! Every moment WE NEED HIM. We must do what is right, love mercy and walk humbly with purpose and faith. (Read 2 Chronicles 7:14) We mustn’t walk away from the One who already knows how to win this battle.

Dear God, Thank you for the power of Your love. Thank you for providing opportunities to be strengthened by YOU, when we feel fragile. This is the day YOU have made! We will give You our praise! Thank you for opening our eyes to focus on what's good, when everything we hear is bad. Help us remember WHY we need YOU. Lead us back where we belong and humble our hearts, so we will understand YOU have the authority to SAVE. Give us strength to keep on going as we faithfully TRUST in YOU. Thank you, Lord! We will believe better days will come! Amen


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