But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Romans 8:25 ESV

It’s hard to embrace a grateful heart when we sit in the midst of wonder. Sometimes, we forget where HOPE is found. But God knows how to remind us! He opens our hearts for the One who knows our worries and doubt.

We don’t have to live without Jesus! If we choose to allow ourselves to be led, He will cover us with the light of His love and move us through darkness. He will remind us to trust in God’s unfailing love.

God is worthy of our love! He reveals a lot in His presence. He opens our eyes to welcome strength and find peace from His mercy and grace. He helps us remember who's handling our lives and reminds us we should be grateful.

Many things in life should inspire a heart of PRAISE and allow us to experience a deeper union with God. Our Creator knows what we need. He will draw us closer to a heart of content and set the stage for good to come.

God IS in charge of our days. He has a plan for the future. He will help us learn to patiently wait on Him and provide what we need to keep going… He is worthy of PRAISE!

Better days will come! God knows what He’s doing. We must gratefully thank Him for the gift of His everlasting love and humble our hearts for His even when life doesn’t make sense. We must never forget to stay faithful, remain hopeful and totally TRUST.

Dear God, help us remember to begin EACH day in praise! Thank you for waking us for ALL You provide. Fill us with the power of Your love as we remain faithful. Thank you for helping us remember You are worthy of our love. Help us find peace as we’re led by Your will and open our hearts to give You thanks in ALL circumstances. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! We will find HOPE in this day because of Your mighty love. Amen


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