They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Jesus’ followers waited to see what would happen next. Jesus died and they had questions! They were afraid, lonely and concerned. Their sadness was overwhelming. Peter had denied Jesus three times. And in the brokenness of shame, he waited in pain; knowing he had turned his back on the One who loved him the most. He knew he had made a mistake.

By nature, we too make mistakes. We sin and become impatient while we wait on God to guide us back where we belong. We step away from Jesus and need to be reminded how it feels to faithfully be patient and trust.

When God asks us to be still, He readies our hearts to understand the power of His will. In moments of purpose, He helps us reach deep inside and humble our hearts for His. He shows us how to examine our lives and understand how it feels to be grateful. He will guide us by the timing of His love.

Jesus rose from the grave! Human nature will make us feel hopeless. But there is victory because of what Christ did for each one of us! As we wait to welcome Easter, God will help us remember how much we are loved.

Easter will look different this year. We will miss family and friends. But if we take time to be still, God will show what needs to be noticed. He will remind us better days will come. In our faithfulness, He will help us experience joy; even if it’s different than what we’ve known.

Let's celebrate our risen Lord and honor Him with the prayers of our praise! Cancel Easter???? Never! Our hearts can still anticipate the welcoming of our risen Lord! He has given us a gift that will last forever. We must be patient and wait on God to renew our strength.

Let us enjoy a day to return to thoughts of good, as we celebrate Easter and find joy in the simple ways God will help us honor the One who died in our place. In stillness the earth is waiting...Oh how we need HOPE that comes from the resurrection!

Dear God, so much has happened in our world! Sometimes we feel overwhelmed. But we know YOU are with us, even in the midst of worry and wonder. Please quiet our souls and strip away what needs to be removed, so we will welcome Jesus and understand the need for a relationship with Him. Thank you for Easter! We will welcome the day to celebrate our risen Lord. And we will remember why He is worthy of praise EVERY day of our lives. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


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