He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147:3 NLT

We will never be without trials in our lives. God never promised we would be without pain. When we’re feeling the hurt of brokenness, He knows how to bandage our souls. He pulls us close and opens our hearts for His guiding. He fills us with the presence of His love.

As we begin to realize we can't handle life alone; God helps us surrender, so we will grow a heart of trust. He shows how to give Him the glory. As strength is provided, He allows us to experience how it feels to be held.

God uses brokenness to help us welcome peace. He removes the worry of doubt and transforms us. He meets us where we are and helps us learn to focus. And as we are blessed to follow Jesus, He reveals the power of His plan.

Christ grows the love of our faithfulness. He opens our eyes in truth. When we choose to keep on going, He helps us overcome. As we lay our burdens down, He helps us surrender and feel the power of His love.

We must never be ashamed to admit what is true. We are all broken. But God WILL MEND OUR HEARTS. He will use us for His purpose and allow us to witness the goodness of His grace. He will remove fear, prepare us for new beginnings and build a bridge that will support us with His strength. He will ready us for what's to come.

The world will see a mighty God if we share the blessing of His holiness. No matter what we are going though, we WILL find strength if we follow Jesus and allow Him to help us carry on. He will lead us to the Father! Because of His great love, we will be led to a better frame of mind.

Dear God, YOU have the power to pull us from the weariness of life. Cover the wounds of our weakness and bandage us with Your love. Thank you for what we are allowed to discover when we trust in You. We will never doubt Your ability to handle our days. Thank you for peace that welcomes hope. We will remain on the path that leads to You and treasure the love of Your faithfulness. Humble our hearts and help us remember You are worthy of our praise, no matter what! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Amen


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