He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s! Psalm 103: 5 NLT

Sometimes, we're ashamed to admit we don't feel full. But there’s a reason God wants us to experience emptiness. He longs for us to recognize what is missing in our lives, so we will see why we need the fullness of Jesus.

God is HERE, ready to arm us with the goodness of grace. He wants us to receive what He provides. He removes doubt which tries to rule our lives and grows our hearts to trust.

It can be difficult to surrender what’s holding us back from finding fulfillment. But Jesus knows how to reach us where we are. He guides us to the Father and nurtures desire for us to be known as His own.

Christ helps us learn to be faithful. As we find courage to release the selfish side of want, Jesus shows us how to find needed strength. Even in weakness, He helps us welcome the blessing of a grateful heart.

God has the power to do what we cannot. We don’t have to live feeling empty! He will grow our love and help us remain faithful. He will fill us with everything we need and help us remember “we will never know the fullness of Christ until we know the emptiness of everything else.”

“May God fill you up, satisfy your deepest longings, meet your greatest needs, and fill your heart with His love.” He is a GOOD, GOOD FATHER!

Dear God, thank you for demonstrating the power of Your love! Thank you for Jesus! Arm us with peace in Your presence, so we will release what’s holding us back from welcoming Your joy. We will remain faithful and prayerfully seek You all of our days. Thank you for filling us FULL and allowing us to experience the blessing of a grateful heart. Thank you, Lord. Amen


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