For I can do everything through Christ,who gives me strength. Philippians 4: 13 NLT

Soon, children will be returning to school. There will be challenges along the way. Some will participate in remote learning and others will return to the classroom. As teachers prepare to welcome their students, they need our prayers for every single day.

Can we take time to pray for the teachers? Perhaps they’re anxious and weary, tired of meetings and stressed by what happens next; physically exhausted from organizing classrooms and hoping for virtual success. The list goes on and on….

Teachers are dedicated to enrich the lives of their students, nurture growth and facilitate a love for learning. The classroom will look different this year! Let’s pray God will bring strength to their hearts and peace for the worry of wonder. Pray He will help them remember why they are not alone.

God will hear our prayers. We must take time and pray for those who need to be cradled in care. Teachers have such an important role in blessing His children. He will help them accomplish what needs to be done and allow them to achieve great things. Thank you, God for teachers and the students who will follow their lead, no matter what!

God, please keep teachers and their students healthy and safe. Help them persevere and remember who’s in charge of their days. Thank you for Your presence in our lives and the peace which comes from trusting YOU! Amen

~If you or a loved one are a teacher, please include a name in the comments below, so we can pray specifically for you and your students. ♥ God bless each and every one of YOU.


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