The Lord God is my strength. He will give me the speed of a deer and bring me safely over the mountain.” Habakkuk 3:19 TLB

God helps us climb the mountains. He fills us with hope and provides direction for our lives. He lifts us with arms of strength. He readies us to see the heart of His holiness, as we take steps and TRY, TRY, TRY! He helps us travel the mountains and reminds us He is HERE. He readies us for the journey and gives courage to manage our fear. He guides us from the valley of doubt.

We must faithfully BELIEVE God will direct us by the power of His will. He WILL carry us over the mountains! He will handle weakness and help us feel stronger than before. He will demonstrate the depth of His holiness and bring PEACE in the presence of His greatness.

God will lead us through EVERY circumstance in our lives. He will open our eyes and provide clarity. If we bravely TRUST, He will help us see the love of His faithfulness and allow us to experience the power of His presence. He will help us when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

God will lead us to a prayer of praise when we've witnessed how it feels to be grateful. He will manage every single moment of our days. He is GOD! He will never stop working for the good. We mustn’t worry! He WILL bring us safely over the mountains.

Dear God, thank you for strength that's found in YOU. Thank you for bringing peace to our hearts as we learn how it feels to be brave. Carry us safely over mountains which are hard to climb. Cradle us in care, when it’s difficult to hold on tight. We will feel the power of Your love when we're weary and afraid. We will cling to the strength You provide and never forget who knows what's best for our lives. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for reminding us who's in charge of every single thing. Amen


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