For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

Sometimes, we underestimate the power of God and forget He has plans for our days. He arms us with everything we need to find STRENGTH from His holiness. He helps us recognize the power of love and BELIEVE He knows what’s best for our lives.

We were not created to be slaves of fear or chained to the worry of wonder. God loves us! He sees inside the heart of our need and longs to renew our souls. He tugs at our hearts so we will recognize His presence and find courage to surrender our doubt.

Anxiety sets the stage for worry to manipulate every part of our lives. It robs us of JOY and makes us believe we will fear forever. But God knows how to fix what is broken. He gives us desire to leave the shackles behind.

God WILL BREAK THE CHAIN that is causing us pain. He knows what is breaking our hearts. He will lift us from doubt when we choose to FEAR NO MORE! He will arm us with everything we need to find PEACE in His presence. He will help us overcome.

“Anxiety is the great modern plaque. But faith can cure it!” We have tremendous power within us to recognize GOD is bigger than our fear! He will allow us to see ourselves as He sees us; capable and equipped to do what is pleasing to Him. He will remind us we are worthy of love and honor our efforts to faithfully TRUST.

God will place HOPE in our hearts. He is GOD! He will help us welcome JOY that comes from a grateful heart. God will help us face our fears when we boldly say, “Enough is enough!” We must never doubt His ability to help us find fulfillment in Him. Imagine what God will do if we simply choose to TRUST and pray to be led to a place of wholeness.

God, thank you for guiding us. Forgive us when we allow anxiety to steal our joy. Give us wisdom to recognize how to embrace the sweetness of Your love. Help us see what will happen when we find courage to leave the shackles behind. Lord, we want to dance in the beauty of wholeness! Give us STRENGTH to surrender our fear. Help restore what is broken in our lives. Thank you for loving us through every single moment. YOU have the power to guide us where we belong. We will TRUST in Your power to save. Thank you so very, very much for Your faithfulness. Amen


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