Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22

Fall is an amazing season. Leaves transform into beautiful gifts of color. God paints purpose in each design and reminds us how He plans for each one of us. He changes awesome displays in the timing of His love and skillfully transforms us.

Many leaves will not stay on the trees. They will separate from the place they have been nurtured for many months. Strong winds will carry them and we will wonder why some were allowed to stay.  

God provides in the timing of His will. He chooses when the gifts of His creation will be revealed. We too will face strong winds in our lives, but God will provide STRENGTH when we need to work harder to simply hold on. He will ready us to recognize why we need to held by His holiness.     

God will remind us we have been nurtured by the power of His love. He will help us develop a heart of HOPE, transform us through the seasons and guide us in the frailties of our falls. He will provide for our weakness, even before He determines we're strong enough to finally let go. He will show us where He wants us to arrive and help us do what needs to be done to get there.     

Dear God, You prepare us for the seasons of change in our lives and remind us we were created to appreciate ALL You provide. We will TRUST in You and patiently wait to be nurtured by the promise of Your love. Thank you for holding us close when we need to readied to move in a new direction. We know You will arm us with everything we need to safely land where You want us to go. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for always guiding and providing for our lives. Amen



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