We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 NLT

Steps...We take them to walk ahead. They propel us to move where we need to go and provide strength to help us arrive. Steps describe the mental goals we set, as we try to accomplish tasks in our lives. But sometimes we forget to ask God where HE wants us to go.

God wants us to follow Jesus. He blesses us with guiding and gives courage to walk in truth, even when there's bumps in the road. He longs for us to discover His blessings and focus on how to faithfully  keep on going… 

Fear is a liar! It prevents us from expecting GOOD will come. It convinces us we’re not good enough to welcome the power of God’s mighty love. It stops us from recognizing how far we have come and makes us forget who’s in charge of our days. 

Sometimes, we need to look back and take time to consider how God has guided our steps. The One who helps us focus knows how to navigate our lives. When we become turned around by worry and doubt, He knows how to lead us back where we belong and head us in the right direction. 

God wants us to TRUST in Him and stop trying to figure out everything on our own. HE will give us wisdom to know where to go. HE will help us STEP in the right direction. As we release what's holding us back from experiencing the fulness of His love, He will humble our hearts and help us find it. 

God will guide us as we gratefully focus. He WILL lay a path to follow. We don’t have to stand on the sidelines of wonder. The Lord is our strength! Keep stepping, friends! Find HOPE in the footsteps of Jesus. Better days are coming! Stay focused on the Father as you step in FAITH and receive ALL He has promised.

God, thank you for reminding us who’s in charge of every single thing. Remove the fear which stops us from stepping in FAITH. We will walk on Your path of purpose and find STRENGTH to experience what’s to come. Thank you for helping us remember when we step in faith, we will ALWAYS draw closer to YOU. Thank you, Lord for moving us through EACH and every day. We’re so grateful we don’t have to walk alone. Amen


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