Thanks be to God for His incredible gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

Christmas is coming! We decorate our homes; make plans for our families and purchase gifts for those we love. But sadly, we often waste time trying to make the holiday perfect. We become weary when we can’t find calm.  
God sent His Son to bring peace and strength. The PRESENT of His presence can’t be tied with a bow. It is wrapped in the heart of those who humbly choose to be still and receive His greatness. 

God wants us to be filled with ALL He provides. No matter what we’re going through, He holds us in His holiness. His will was fulfilled when He sent the Savior to cover us with the light of His love. 

As we take time to reflect on the reason for the season, God will nurture JOY. If we gratefully receive the love of the Savior, we will remember Christmas is more than a day to share our gifts. It is a precious opportunity to welcome Christ and invite Him to dwell in us forever. 

We must trust the One who sent His Son to give us life and praise Him for the timing of His love. How will you choose to make room for Jesus and welcome the miracle of God’s greatest gift for each one of us? 

Dear God, we will carry JOY and reflect on the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Thank you for what You provide. Help us find calm, embrace Your PRESENT of PEACE and find HOPE in the love of Your presence. Thank you for our Savior! Help us remember He is the reason for this season of GOOD. Thank you, Lord!  Help us share the love of Christ, focus on what matters the most and ready our hearts for Christmas. Amen


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