“Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord.” Judges 18:6 

As we journey ahead, God longs for us to walk in faith and remember to faithfully TRUST.  No matter where we go, He is always one step ahead, navigating bumps in the road.  
There WILL be obstacles along the way, but God will give us STRENGTH. He will head us in the right direction. He will open our hearts for Jesus as we travel in the presence of His PEACE. He will help us remain faithful and TRUST.  

We don’t have to stress about what waits around the corner. As we put our HOPE in God, He will handle our days and remove the worry of wonder. He will carry us safely where we need to go and bless the love of our faithfulness. 

We will never walk alone! God will reveal His will and remind us how it feels to be grateful. He will set the stage for good to come. We mustn’t waste time worrying. God is HERE. He will go before us and pave the way for us to be blessed. He will guard our steps as we travel. HE is the One who will help us keep on going…

Dear God, thank you for preparing us for the long journey ahead. We will trust in the power of Your will to guide nd provide. When obstacles stand in the way, we will trust in You and wait to be led by Your greatness. We will gratefully remember why we will never travel alone. Thank you for going before us and guarding our steps. Thank you for helping us remember to follow Jesus. Amen 

~Friends, will you please join me in prayer for the safety of a friend who is traveling a long distance in the next several days? Thank you for caring. God is so faithful to bless us and those we love. He is faithful to guide and provide through every single season of our lives.  


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