“When the peace of Christ rules in our hearts, thankfulness overflows. Even in the darkest of times, we can praise God for his love, his sovereignty, and his promise to be near us when we call.” (Psalm 145:18)

Pilgrims shared a meal with Native Americans who taught them how to live in the new land. They had reason to offer their gratitude. Through hardships, loss of loved ones and very little to sustain, they managed to thank God for their blessings. Strength, courage and faith allowed them to survive the difficulties they endured.  

We can all relate to hardships. They create difficult circumstances that rob our calm. It’s hard to feel blessed when we’re not feeling thankful, or looking forward to a day meant for thanksgiving. But, consider the first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims thanked God, even though their lives were filled with worry of what would happen next. Faith led them to a new land and allowed them to rely on God’s provisions. 
God provided for the Pilgrims. He heard their prayers, as they bravely persevered. He took care of their needs. God provides for us as we faithfully move ahead in our lives. He longs for us to experience His goodness, even in the valleys of our lives.  

Dr. Billy Graham once wrote, "Nothing turns us into bitter, selfish, dissatisfied people more quickly than an ungrateful heart. And nothing will do more to restore contentment and joy of our salvation than a true spirit of thankfulness."

As we face an unknown future, it’s good to be reminded God wants us to looking for the good and thank Him in ALL situations. He is ALWAYS with us, never changing; the constant source of strength in our lives. He will open our hearts to recognize the gifts of His greatness and remind us how it feels to be held.  

On a day to give thanks in the midst of a pandemic, HOW do we embrace the love of a grateful heart? We must open our eyes for what has already been given, focus on the love of our Savior and be willing to LOOK for the blessings. NOTHING will squelch the heart of thankfulness if we continue to praise God even in the midst of the storms.   

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends. May God bless you with peace, comfort, HOPE, joy and the love of a grateful heart. May He continue to guide and provide for you and those you love. May He strengthen the many who are battling COVID-19 and tenderly comfort those who are dealing with a tremendous loss. He is HERE and He loves us.

What are you thankful for? Feel free to share what’s on your heart. I’m grateful for faith that sustains us when we can’t be with those we love and thankful for a heart that trusts even in the midst of a pandemic. I’m grateful we won’t have to worry about the tomorrow if we fill ourselves full of reasons to be thankful today.  

I’m praying for you family and friends. Treasure this day and look for the good. Welcome the love of a grateful heart.  

God is HERE! Oh, how He loves each one of us. 

Happy Thanksgiving,
This is the day the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad. 


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