But I am trusting you, O Lord. I said, “You alone are my God; my times are in your hands.” Psalm 31: 14 TLB

God opens our hearts to welcome the blessing of each new day. Sometimes we wake in STRENGTH ready to welcome ALL He provides; eager to praise the love of His faithfulness and feeling ready to rise. But sometimes we wake in fear; fragile when sadness opens our eyes.

There’s a reason God wants us to call on Him before we choose to step. He helps us remember WHY we need the STRENGTH of His holiness. He arms us with opportunities to witness the power of His love and squelches our thoughts of doubt.

The Bible says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3: 5. We DON’T have to figure out everything on our own. God is with us! He will show how to handle our days and prepare us for what’s to come. He will help us battle the worry of wonder and show how it feels to TRUST.

God will fill us with everything we need. When we feel fragile, He will hold us together and help us welcome PEACE. He will open our hearts for gratitude and reveal the power of His plan. He will ready us to accomplish amazing things!   

God is in control! He will set the stage for good to come as we TRUST in His promises…He IS with us wherever we go! In difficult circumstances, we must remember we're not alone. God will see us through and we WILL recognize His guiding. He will help us find wisdom and HOPE. 

Trusting God WILL change everything! We must accept what it is, let go of what it was, PRAY for STRENGTH and believe we will find it! He will provide everything we need to step in faith and remember He knows what’s best for our lives. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your never-ending love! Thank you for strengthening us when we feel fragile. This is the day YOU have made! We will rejoice and be glad! Thank you for the PEACE of a grateful heart. YOU are the source of our STRENGTH. Please love us through our frailties, help us learn to TRUST and remind us to be patient while we wait for YOU to answer prayers.  We know YOU will handle ALL things and love us through difficult days. We are so grateful! Thank you for knowing our hearts. Amen


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