LORD, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you. Guide me in your truth. Teach me. You are God my Savior. I put my hope in you all day long. Psalm 25:4-5

God knows the desires of our hearts. He recognizes the needs of His children and uses circumstances to remind us of His unfailing love. He cares for us deeply and knows how to handle our days. He hears our prayers and guides and provides.  

Sometimes, we become weary in the wonder of what will happen next. But God takes charge of our doubt. He reveals the presence of His PEACE and bandages the sores of our souls. He reminds us who’s in charge of ALL things and shows where to find needed STRENGTH. 

God provides HOPE that will flourish and grow when it’s nurtured by faith. When the timing is right, He WILL demonstrate the power or His plan. He WILL help us recognize what we live will make us stronger. 

God WILL take care of us! He will prepare us for a purpose and guide us through difficult days. As we’re led by His will, He will help us to totally TRUST. He knows what is best for our lives. He is God! He is HERE and He loves us!  We will never have to journey without Him. 

Dear God, thank you for guiding us through our days. Help us develop a “teachable” spirit so we will travel in Your ways. We will trust in You, even when the future is unclear and we wonder where to go. Lead us on a path of purpose so we will follow Jesus and understand what it means to humble our hearts. Thank you for the promise of Your love. We have many reasons to be grateful! Thank you, Lord! Amen 


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