He says, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be honored among the nations. I will be honored in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIRV

God prepares us to discover how it feels to embrace the power of His love. He humbles our hearts so we will recognize when it’s time to be STILL and witness the fullness of His presence.   

Sometimes, we forget to slow down and find rest for our souls; strength to hold us together and wisdom to welcome peace. But God finds the way to remind us HE is HERE; waiting to spend time with us.

He helps us welcome QUIET moments of renewal. God opens our hearts for Jesus as we pray. He calms the worry of wonder so we will see what happens when we totally TRUST. He guides our thoughts so we will understand why we need Him.  

God will arm us with everything we need to be readied for what’s to come. He will help us feel the nudging of our hearts and recognize how to respond. He will show the reward of being silent and bless us in amazing ways. 

We mustn’t be afraid to be SILENT in prayer time. God will help us recognize what needs to be known, so we will make sense of His direction. He will provide instructions for our lives. It would be wise for us to listen. We will honor Him, if we step away from the business of life and spend time with the One who sets the stage for good to come. We will always find STRENGTH when we're cradled in His care.  

Dear God, Oh, how we need to step away from the hectic pace of our routines and find STRENGTH in the presence of Your love. We will wait to be led by the power of Your will and trust YOU all of our days. We’re so grateful for moments which hold us together when we're quiet and still. Thank you for what we feel when YOU help us find PEACE in Your presence. Thank you for Jesus and the compassion of His love. Thank you for taking care of each one of us. YOU are deserving of ALL of our love. Thank you, Lord! Amen 


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