When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56: 3 NIV

God opens our eyes to recognize the power of His love. When worry steals our calm, He continues to guide and provide. He handles our days and reminds us to be faithful. He helps us when we're feeling afraid.  

It’s hard when we travel on paths unknown. But God gives us courage to follow. He opens our hearts for Jesus and arms us with everything we need to find comfort, compassion and love.

God loves us! Try as we might, we will never be able to handle everything that happens. But He will guide and provide in ways we never imagined. God will bless us with the goodness of love as we pray in Jesus’ name. We WILL find STRENGTH as we learn to TRUST completely.  

God WILL help us when we’re feeling fragile. As we TRUST in Him, He will arm us with everything we need to be brave. God will set the stage for what’s to come. He will take care of us and those we love. He will be faithful forever. He knows how to lead us to a place of PEACE.  

God, Thank you for the POWER of Your love. Forgive us when we forget YOU are HERE in the midst of everything we encounter. Thank you for replacing anxious thoughts with grateful prayers of praise. We feel the love of Your faithfulness and PEACE that nurtures STRENGTH. Help us find courage as we TRUST in You. We will love you with all of our hearts and give You the glory You deserve. We WILL bravely follow Jesus on paths unknown. Thank you for loving us through the challenges we face. Life is so much easier when we TRUST in YOU. Thank you, Lord! Amen 


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