I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4: 13

Sometimes we feel weak and forget where to find courage and strength. We try and handle life on our own. We carry worries and need to be reminded how it feels to be held by Jesus. 

Christ helps us understand the need for mercy. He opens our hearts to RECEIVE. He quiets anxious thoughts and reminds us we are worthy. He helps us experience amazing grace and welcome thoughts to nurture calm.  

Jesus knows our hearts. He teaches us to TRUST. While we are cradled in care, He helps us remember we are covered by His compassion and love. He shows how to humbly seek the Father. He reminds us to call on Him EVERY day of our lives.  

If we surrender fear which robs our joy and BELIEVE in His power to save, Jesus will help us discover what we need. He is the way to the Father! He will lead us toward wholeness and show us where HOPE is found. 

Attitudes will change from hopeless to hopeful, if we open our hearts for Jesus! He will fill us with His greatness. God already knows what will happen in our lives. We must welcome His love and never forget WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES US STRENGTH.

Dear God, we're so grateful for the One who died in our place. Thank You for the love of His presence! ♥ Forgive us when we forget to prayerfully call on You and let fear rule our lives. Open our eyes, so we will recognize we don’t have to handle things on our own. Help us remember Jesus knows what we need to be led to a place of calm. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! The mention of His name brings power, peace and STRENGTH! Thank you for taking care of each one of us. Amen


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