Praise Him—He is your God, and you have seen with your own eyes the great and astounding things that He has done for you. Deuteronomy 10:21

God welcomes our love and longs for us to discover how it feels to be thankful. As we consider how lucky we are to be held by His STRENGTH, JOY welcomes the CELEBRATION of PRAISE. As we gratefully speak words of thanks, God draws us nearer and reminds us there will never be a day without Him. 

Praising the Father strengthens our relationship with Him. Christ helps us discover the power of God’s mercy and love. In quiet moments of purpose, God covers us in grace and reminds us WHY we need Him. He helps us examine our hearts and opens our eyes to see the GOOD. He reminds us we are treasured and loved. 

God gives us reasons to LOVE Him. As we stand in awe of our Creator and consider ALL He provides, He fills us with appreciation. He humbles our hearts to remember HE IS WITH US every day of our lives. 

God will help us focus on the love of His faithfulness and recognize ALL He has done. He will welcome our praise and as we notice His many rewards. God loves us! We must search our hearts and simply remember to say Thank YOU, LORD! He is God! He is deserving of  praise and ALL of our love! ♥

God, thank you for Your presence. You are deserving of ALL of our love. You’ve carried us in difficult days and loved us through our weakness. Thank you for helping us remain faithful. We’re so lucky to have an understanding of who YOU are and what YOU provide each and every day. YOU are deserving of our praise! Thank you for knowing our hearts and reminding us of the many reasons we have to be grateful. Thank you, Lord! Amen


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