Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 NIV

March is here! We’ve patiently waited to welcome this day. Soon, we’ll be nourished by the sun and welcome the season we’ve been missing.  We’ll notice what’s been growing under layers of the ground hardened ground and witness the beauty of CHANGE.   

Often, we become impatient while we wait for better days to come. We forget we need time to grow. But God helps us remain faithful. He opens our eyes to witness the rewards of our TRUST and allows us to discover what needs to be noticed.  

God renews a spirit of HOPE in our hearts. He allows us to witness a renewal of the soul as we pray and ask Him to transform us. He helps us feel the power of His strength and BELIEVE He will handle our days. 

He knows how to handle our lives. He is the One who determines how we will welcome JOY. It’s so much more than wanting to be happy. It’s finding fulness while we’re cradled in care and held by hands of holiness. 

God has a plan for our days. Spring will allow us to witness everything new and be led closer to the Savior. It will provide meaningful moments to reflect on the cross and consider the sacrifice of Jesus. It will humble us for the offering of His love and ready us to be receivers. 

God knows how to plant HOPE in our hearts. When the timing is right, He will strengthen us. He will lead us through the weakness of wonder and prepare us for better days to come. He will bless us as we focus on GRATITUDE and keep our eyes focused on Christ’s love.  

We WILL find STRENGTH in His presence. God will help us remember what Jesus has done for us. Spring WILL come SOON! We have been faithful through difficult days and God has provided what we need. He will always take care of us and reward us with the LOVE of His faithfulness. 

Dear God, thank you for moments to remember who’s in charge of ALL things. We’re ready to welcome a CHANGE. Thank you for HOPE and the newness of life. It restores our souls! Thank you for knowing what we need. Forgive us when forget to TRUST in YOU.  Grow the love of our faithfulness as we surrender doubt.  Humble our hearts for Jesus so we will remember what’s already been done for each one of us. Thank you for the PEACE we find in Your presence. It renews our hearts and helps us understand why everything GOOD comes from YOU. Thank you, Lord. Amen 


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